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While fall and spring are the best time for planting, plants and sod can be safely installed in our area almost any time of the year. Our suppliers carry a wide variety of shrubs and trees year-round. We encourage customers to describe the overall landscape style they are seeking or to accompany us to our supplier to select the plants of their choice. Please visit our Warranty page to learn about our plant replacement policy.




Almost all of our sod is laid with a sod installer—a specialized machine with tracks that seamlessly lays large rolls of sod. This method of laying is highly efficient and tidy. Choices for rolled sod include the following:


·         Meyer’s Zoysia

·         419 Bermuda

·         Fescue


Bermuda, fescue and rye seed are also available. Pictures of our finished sod projects can be viewed in our Gallery page. We guarantee that the sod we lay will be healthy and fully watered upon installation, but there is no warranty for sod. It is the customer’s obligation to ensure that all sod, trees and plants are receiving adequate water and attention, and if there is ever a doubt or concern to please contact us.


Grade work/Drainage correction


We solve drainage issues by installing new drains, including French drains, and/or re-grading the terrain to allow for the proper flow of rainwater.




We offer a wide variety of outdoor hardscapes, including the following:


·         Flagstone or paver patios, steps and walkways

·         Stone or paver plant bed borders

·         Stone retaining walls

·         Stone fire pits


We encourage customers to accompany us to our stone suppliers to choose their desired material. Photos of our completed stone projects can be viewed in our Gallery page.




Our first step in installing an irrigation system is to determine the proper water coverage, which is based on the size of the area(s) to be watered, as well as the number and size of plant beds. In order for a customer’s water pressure to provide adequate coverage, the system is organized into a number of zones; most half-acre to one-acre lots require 4-7 zones. If the home is a finished home, we then contact the homeowner’s utility providers and request that they mark all cable, phone, gas and other utility lines so that we can safely trench around them.

For yard coverage, trenches are dug in a grid-like pattern that is conformable to the yard shape and utility lines. For plant beds, trenches are dug along the rear and adjacent to the house, where applicable. Next, PVC pipe is laid into the trenches, and the sprinkler heads are attached to ensure proper coverage. The trenches are filled with the excavated dirt, and sand is added to the trenches that need additional leveling, such as those in which the grass/sod has been disturbed.  A system controller is wired into the garage, and one of our assistants will always be available to show the customer how to properly operate the controller.


Water Features


We install a variety of unique water features, including the following:


·         Fountains

·         Waterfalls

·         Bubbling rocks

·         Bubbling urns

·         Koi ponds


We invite our customers to visit our suppliers to handpick the water feature for their home. Pictures of our water feature projects can be viewed in our Gallery page.


Landscape Lighting


We offer a variety of landscape lighting for plant beds. Path lights illuminate walkways and plant borders. Up lights accentuate shrubs and architectural details. We also offer specialty lighting for unique outdoor features, such as waterfalls, pergolas, rock gardens, etc. Pictures of our landscape lighting work can be viewed in our Gallery page.

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